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The Lantern Network

Manifesto Video

:70 Script

We see poignant, life-impacting moments for different people, starting with youthful memories and building to pivotal experiences that convey success.

VO:           Our lives are nothing more than a collection of moments…

strung together through time,

intertwining with those we meet.

VO:           Some create memories we hold on to forever.

But others—a very select few—will change our lives forever. 

VO:           The first time you beat the odds.

The first time you landed the job.

The first time someone really believed in you.

The first time you really believed in yourself.

VO:           These are the moments that breathe life into us.

That light us up from the inside…

VO:           …and help us understand why we are, who we are.

VO:           The common thread between these moments?

VO:           You were never alone when they happened.

Someone else was always there.

VO:           Now it’s your turn to be that someone—

to be a thread in the tapestry of their lives, and bear witness to their light.

VO:           Only you can light the path.

VO:           Donate to The Lantern Network. Become a mentor or sponsor an intern today.

VO:           Let’s create moments together.

Additional Contributor:

Courtney Driver


The Lantern Network: Mission Statement

The Lantern Network is a non-profit organization formed to help level the playing field for young, Black Americans. The manifesto video was created to convey their mission as well as to help increase awareness of the brand and generate the buy-in of potential sponsors and mentors.

Additional Contributor:

Courtney Driver