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Dating Advice from a Mawhore

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“Dating Advice from a Manwhore,” recounts one woman's journey of self-doubt, relationships, and everyday struggles, all under the watchful eye of her philandering, yet wise, best friend.

This engaging story gives the reader a breadth of understanding and a source of entertainment often absent from contemporary self-help publications. 

The Power Of Moments: Manifesto Video & Mission Statement

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The Lantern Network is a non-profit organization formed to help level the playing field for young, Black Americans. The manifesto video was created to convey their mission as well as to help increase awareness of the brand and generate the buy-in of potential sponsors and mentors.

The INNclusion Council: Mission Statement

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A diverse cross-section of INNOCEAN came together with the collective goal of creating an INNclusive workplace for everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. 

The mission statement needed to be thorough, thoughtful, and straight to the point.

AdAge: Uncomfortable Conversations


This is an article in AdAge that I was featured in. It is a part of a recurring series of Q&As called “Uncomfortable Conversations,” which takes on the sometimes tough, but always necessary, discussions about inclusion in advertising. This series spotlights the many diverse voices that make up the advertising industry—at all levels and in all disciplines—highlighting personal experiences to illustrate the importance of inclusion and equity throughout the entire ecosystem.

The Blog


The blog here at focuses on tackling relationship and personal struggles/advice, as well as general well-being. The topic of each post is typically the subject of something personal or the answer to a question someone asked me directly. Following the outline of my book, I try to insert scientific or psychological data as often as possible to help articulate my point to the reader.